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Thank you Nora for allowing us to interview you. My first question is about your work, you have written quite a few novels and from your bio it seems some short stories and anthologies as well. Can you tell us a bit about your writing style and how you get your ideas?

Sure, Kitty! You are the first person to ask about my writing style, so let’s see...I’d say the tone of my writing is dark, but splashed with enough light that hope is always present. I use first person if a character, like Jake Cottrell, needs the white space to let his thoughts run free, but third person if the story demands my input as much as the characters. My characters tend to be reflective in nature, dangerously attracted to mischief, plus they fight with inner demons from their pasts that must be dealt with in order for them to move on. I use some narrative, lots of snappy dialogue...I love sarcasm, and I strive to include passages where the simple beauty of prose shines through. Highlighting moments often overlooked, like the fluid madness of a raging storm, is also found in my work.

My ideas, almost always “out there,” are inspired from a lifelong interest in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. What’s not to adore about the paranormal world where everything...and anything is possible? Dark Shadows, The Twilight Zone, and Star Trek captivated me as a child. From there, I moved on to Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe. Thanks to my fascination with all things spooky and out of this world, my dreams have also been a great source of inspiration for my writing and artwork. Whether I paint, sketch, or write, I like to warp reality and play with “what if...”

Since "The Twelfth Paladin" is your newest novel and one we are currently working with at Great Minds, give us a little more info on that particular book and any plans you may have for sequels.

“The Twelfth Paladin” is a supernatural thriller inspired by a super creepy email I received years ago. That email was an invitation, possibly a prank—that invited me to fool around with wickedness. For about two seconds, I thought about clicking on the link within the message, but I decided no good would come from it. With my luck, had I ventured into that link’s virtual world, my computer might have crashed, or who knows...maybe I would’ve slipped into a virtual Hell. So glad I deleted that one!

When did you first begin writing and what got you started?

Oh! This is a funny question because what got me started writing was math. Geometry and algebra are to blame for my mind drifting away into supernatural realms. Yes, I should’ve been paying attention in junior high school, wish I had, but my imagination won. Poetry and short stories came about to keep me awake and to prevent my head from smashing onto the desk.

You've done a lot of radio talk shows, tell us a bit about those.

Radio shows are a blast! The last one I did was with Desmond Haas at The Romance Radio Network. He is a superb host who really dives deep into a book. He ponders about the backgrounds of the characters, their strengths and weaknesses, the themes found in a book, and how the book is received by its readers. It’s amazing how the same book can be appreciated (or not at all appreciated) by different readers. What’s really cool about radio shows is the immediate feedback about plot, characters, and themes, plus the unusual questions about the characters are fun to answer.

When you have time to read, if you do, what do you like to read? What genres are your personal favorite?

Well, with six kids, two very hyper dogs, and a super busy hubby, “free time” must be stolen from the nighttime hours...but I do love to read. Usually, I choose books that are frightening, such as “Bloodletter” by Angel Haze or “That Which Should Not Be” by Brett Talley, but I also enjoy fantasy books like “Masquerade” by Cambria Hebert. If a book makes me turn on an extra light, then I know it is good, and if I’m too afraid to fall asleep...then that book is excellent! My favorite book, scary because of what the main character loses, is “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. Action/adventure, lust, murder, and revenge are all present and accounted for in this book. It’s fantastic!

You wrote a passage beneath your bio on your site about Internet safety. Tell us a bit more about your views on this topic.

Since I have half a dozen kids and I’ve taught elementary school, believe me...Internet safety is a concern of mine. I know firsthand what kinds of trouble students can get into from taking virtual vacations to the dark side of the Net. Sadly, it is not only children who get themselves into bad situations. My kids have known teachers and students who’ve made poor decisions in regard to Internet socializing. Jobs can be lost, lives dramatically affected by cyber-bullying, and life can end if the wrong connections are made through social networks.

I believe parents/guardians must be actively engaged in their family’s Internet presence. Rules should be posted clearly for everyone to follow, and if said rules are broken...then established consequences must take place. If all family members know what the Internet expectations and consequences are beforehand, then managing this situation is easier. The goal is to keep everyone safe! Please use Google to research this topic, and feel free to visit my site for more information too.

What is next in the world of Nora Weston, what plans for upcoming novels do you have in place?

Danger is coming my way since secrets of betrayal are revealed that blow away Zane Grayson’s world in the sequel to Guardian 2632, which is my science fiction adventure. Time travel assists Zane, Elite Guardians, and Mercs, while super-computers named Gabriel and Acamar—battle for supremacy in the future.

Jake Cottrell never lets me rest, so naturally...he’s gotten himself into a supernatural situation that will test his fellow paladins, especially Obadiah and Suero because they do not trust him. So a sequel to “The Twelfth Paladin” is in the works as well.

For whatever reason, I write poetry more in the winter. In April (2012), my work will be published in Bete Noire so be sure to check out that issue!

What other genres if any have you thought about writing in?

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror have intrigued me for so long now that I believe I’ll always write in those genres, but historical romances have sparked a lot of interest in me as of late. It’s possible I’ll go in that direction too, although aliens or ghosts will most likely show up even if they are not invited!

Give us a few links and tell us where to find your works.

Please do look me up! If anyone has a question or comment, feel free to email me.
Twitter: almostsanelady
Publisher: Melange Books

Do you have any advice or 'pearls of wisdom' you'd care to share with other aspiring authors?


Write as often as possible to polish your voice, and do your best to allow your imagination to run free. After the creative burst, settle down and edit. Then, edit again!

Having a critique partner is an ideal way to not only help another writer, but to gain valuable information about your current work in progress. It’s shocking what goes right by an author that someone else catches immediately.

If one genre is not working out for you, then try another. If that novel is driving you nuts, a short story may flow better, or poetry might be what is calling upon your creative energy, so follow your instincts.

Most importantly, have fun!

Thank you so much again for your time Nora, I hope to do it again soon!

Wonderful interview questions, Kitty! Thank you for your time.

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