Thursday, February 16, 2012


Book Title:"Cry of the Machi"
Author:Alan S. Blood
Published By:Book Guild Publishing
Age Recommended:18 +
Reviewed By:Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating:5


Review:Take an ancient Chilean Pagan Religion, Murder, Insanity, Americans from New York and place them all in an English backdrop and you have "Cry of the Machi". This book was one of the best mystery, paranormal, drama's I've read in quite some time. The characters were vividly written and alive, the plot was both charming and macabre (strange mix, I know) and the story was fantastic. The book is not an overly long read and gives just the right amount of detail to keep you intrigued while not prolonging the inevitable.

The suspense of who-done-it is drawn out just long enough to keep you wondering, and the ending definitely provides room for a sequel... or sequels as Mr. Blood may have planned. I'll give away nothing in this review other than to say you should definitely give this book a read.

I am a new fan of Alan S. Blood's writing and I will be looking forward to more of his wonderful work! If you are a fan of mystery with the spice of thriller mixed in you will definitely enjoy, "Cry of the Machi".

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