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I am an infertility survivor. After five years of fertility treatments, two amazing adoptions, and a life-threatening (literally) pregnancy that ended at 28 weeks with an emergency C-section and a 2 lb. 8 oz. baby boy who spent 61 days in the NICU, I can truly say that I survived it and came out on the other side a more loving, understanding, hopeful person. I want to help others do the same.

That brings us to the release of my debut novel, Delivering Hope. A fictional account of one woman (Olivia) struggling with infertility, and another woman (Allison) facing an unintended pregnancy. It is a story about infertility and adoption, heartache and healing, and the power of love to provide hope in the midst of trials.

The idea for this book came to me over four years ago, and once it was there, it wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it down. At the time, my children were 5, 2, and 2. As you might imagine, it was difficult to find time to write. I finally decided that I was going to make some time for myself after the kids had gone to bed, and then I stuck to it. My writing time was an appointment that I tried to keep with myself every night. Once I made it a priority and scheduled some time, I was able to make consistent progress. I really think that’s the key if you want to write (besides doing lots of reading). You have to make time to write on a regular basis.

Because of my own experiences with infertility and adoption, this is a story that I am very passionate about, and it was important to me that the experiences were authentic and honest. I think sometimes as writers, we don’t want to fully expose our deepest, real emotions, but it is always the honest emotion in a story that I connect with most.

So, whether you’re passionate about dystopian futures, romance stories, a good mystery, or an issue that hits close to home, make some time and write about it. It’s really the passion that counts.


Delivering Hope (Published by Cedar Fort, Inc.)
Blog Tour Dates:January 23 – February 10, 2012
Book Release Date:February 8, 2012

I am very excited to officially invite you to be a part of the Delivering Hope blog tour. Please read on for a brief summary of the book and a few endorsements.

Olivia Spencer wants to be a mom more than anything else in the whole world, but years of infertility have wounded her soul and placed a strain on her marriage to Michael. Now, Olivia finds herself wondering if the life she has built will even survive.
Allison Campbell is a recent high school graduate who discovers that a moment of excitement has led to an unplanned pregnancy and an overwhelming heartache.
As the lives of these two women touch, we see that deep love can pave the way for sacrifice, and we all learn the true source of hope and healing.

“Delivering Hope is a great read! In addition, it’s also a novel that daughters and their moms should each go through and then get together to discuss what they’ve learned. Delivering Hope lives up to its title.”
-Jack Weyland, best-selling author of Charly

“Somewhere in the world a pregnancy test is negative...and a woman weeps. Somewhere else in the world a pregnancy test is positive...and another woman weeps. In Delivering Hope, the miracle of adoption brings them together. Holt has masterfully crafted an astonishingly honest and gripping account of the journey, the joy, and the Hope that is made possible through adoption and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. A must-read for anyone interested in adoption, and a page-turning, entertaining read for anyone interested in the real life drama we know as choice, consequences, sacrifice, selflessness, and pure love.”
–Wesley D. Hutchins, Esq., Adoption Attorney, Adoptive Father
–President, Utah Adoption Council

“An engaging and accurate account of individuals dealing with loss, grief, love, and hope through the adoption process. As someone who has worked with people on all sides of the adoption process, I would say Delivering Hope is a must-read for anyone whose life has been touched by infertility or adoption, as well as anyone who enjoys a well-written and uplifting story.”
-Sarah Burgess, Esq., MSW, Licensed Social Worker
I will be giving away a signed copy of the book to 2 individuals who enter the drawing via the blog tour. I will also be giving away a signed bookmark and Delivering Hope magnet to 5 individuals. (Details on entering the drawing will be in the next e-mail if you accept this invitation.)

If you accept, I will e-mail you a PDF Advanced Readers Copy, along with all of the other information you will need. I would ask you to review the book on your blog on the day we decide on, as well as to post reviews on the websites of Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, and LibraryThing.

Thank you for your time! Please e-mail me ( to let me know that you would like to join this blog tour, as well as to provide a couple of dates that would work for you to post your review. If you would like to do an interview to go along with your post, I’d be happy to do that as well. Just let me know.

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Delivering Hope Book

I look forward to hearing from you!
-Jennifer Ann Holt, author of Delivering Hope

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