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What a wonderful service you offer to readers and authors at “Great Minds Think Aloud.” Thank you.
I’ve been a writer for a very long time. On my website (www.fayklingler.com), I wrote about what/who influenced me to be a writer. I’ve written technical books and creative works. One side of my brain enjoys the structured, technical work, while the other side of my brain gets lost in the creative. Most often the creative side wins in the category of fulfillment while the technical wins in financial satisfaction!

When I get writer’s block in my creative writing, I go for a walk/run. It seems to clear my mind, and I get inspiration on how to clarify difficult phrases or what to include in a chapter. Years ago, I would repeat phrases or thoughts over and over as I ran so I wouldn’t forget them before getting home. Then I’d race into the kitchen and rapidly write down on a pad of paper the thoughts I’d received. Later on, my husband got a small, hand-held recorder for me. That little device helped immensely to free up my mind. Instead of just making it home with a few repeated words, I could speak to the recorder and get those few words off my mind which opened the channels for more inspiration. Now I come home from my walks/runs with words, phrases, whole paragraphs, or ideas on where to find resources for research in my writing. Sometimes I even find it beneficial to take the recorder with me in the bathroom while I’m fixing my hair, especially when I’m in the thick of a writing project. Or I’ll take it in the car as I do my errands. That tool has been a great aid in my writing.

I used my recorder a lot while writing my latest book—A Woman’s Power: Threads that Bind Us to God. In the book I talk about a tree adhered to a fence. I saw that tree on my walk one day when working on the last chapter. I was glad I had my recorder with me. Here is an excerpt from my book, regarding the tree.

“To adhere means we stay attached; we are united by adhesion. On my daily walk, I pass a tree that was planted too close to the tall, wooden fence placed on the property line. Thus, in time, the trunk of the young tree grew over the fence, actually overlapping and adhering to the top edge. At this point, the tree and the fence cannot be separated. That is how we must be. We must adhere to our personal standards, calmly refusing to allow others to undermine our righteous efforts to become worthy heirs of our Father in Heaven. We must utilize the power that is within our grasp to determine what path our lives will take.”

I explain my feelings about this new book in a video posted on my website (www.fayklingler.com) and facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/FayKlingler). Please note on my website the giveaway I’m offering for quantity sales for book launch week. Also, “Goodreads” is offering a free book copy athttp://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/tag/women (offer ends March 6). You can read the first chapter of the book by going to the “Books” menu on my website and clicking on the book cover.

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