Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Book Title:"The Storm Dragon's Heart"
Author:David Alastair Hayden
Published By:Typing Cat Press
Age Recommended:10 +
Reviewed By:Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating:5


Review:A young wizard's apprentice Turesobei is bored with learning the ways of magic, tired of the lessons his elder is trying to teach him and wishes for high adventure. When he ends up getting his wish however, he realizes that sometimes it's far better to be happy with what you have than what you have no idea about.

I greatly enjoyed this book, yet another wonderful tale from Typing Cat Press, and the amazing authors there. David Alastair Hayden weaves a magical tale of enchantment, with all the finer elements that makes fantasy what it is. There is something for everyone in this one, lands of excitement, creatures unknown and magical, a tale of love and so much adventure you can barely keep up! It left me breathless and the characters were completely loveable. I would recommend this book to both young and old readers and don't be surprised if it reminds you of older tales you've read before. This books definitely makes your imagination work but the cover art is beautiful and lends its own spark to the story. This one is definitely a good read!

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