Wednesday, April 11, 2012


By Laura Burks
A young adult paranormal romance novel

For all you want to be writers out there, keep your chin up and don’t give up. Success is not when everyone else knows it…it’s when you know it. It’s not measured by money or fame. It’s measured by the last word you type and the tears that fall in your “WOW…I DID IT” moment.

And for all of the dedicated readers and bloggers…you amaze me! Being in a social circle with so many incredible people makes me feel like I’m part of an elite crowd. YOU ROCK!!

Now…a little bit about my work. My name is Laura Burks and my debut novel, ALTERED, a young adult paranormal romance, is not your typical paranormal with vampires. Although I have to admit, I do love a BITE or two! ALTERED takes you into a small town where eighteen year-old Jenna spends the summer falling in love. But when she discovers a cursed book capable of secret writings and a hidden message, finding a way to alter the curse to save a life changed everything. Only Jenna’s choice may have already chosen her.

ALTERED is written in first person for a reason. I wanted readers to get inside one character and feel her emotions, her thoughts, her movements. Smell what she did, fear what she feared, and fall for that first love with all the lingering stares and longing that she felt. Not only is he gorgeous, she has to look beyond what’s on the outside and see what’s inside.

I’m sending you a special invitation to join Jenna’s journey and discover what it’s like to stumble upon a curse, and find out what a deal gone wrong really means.

Happy Reading!!


~~Publisher's BEST SELER in 2011~~

a young adult paranormal romance mystery novel by Laura Burks

Hearing her name started it all...

All eighteen-year-old Jenna wants to do is have a slow paced and predictable summer in the small town of New Roads with her grandfather. But on Friday the thirteenth, the unpredictable occurs when she mysteriously hears a voice leading her to a buried book. Jenna is unaware that a secret curse lies within and she's just unleashed its hold.

As writings appear in the book strangely matching her vivid dreams, Jenna's curious nature takes over pulling her deeper into the mystery and the connection to her family. What she didn't expect to find was a forbidden love and a choice to save a life.

Will Jenna's choice remain a secret? Or did the secret choose her?

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