Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Book Title: "Animals and Objects In and Out of Water”
Author: Jay Ryan, Joe Meno, Andrew Bird
Published By: Akashic Books
Age Recommended: 15+
Reviewed By:  Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating: 5

Review: Art has always been fascinating no matter what kind it is. If it’s cartoonish, a coveted oil painting, abstract, or anything at all. I have learned from being a mom that even extremely abstract crayon art from a five year old is still, art and just as interesting as something hung in a museum or art studio.

Jay Ryan’s art could be described as a lot of things. It is abstract, strange, creative, sometimes completely mental, and hard to understand. In this book however, much of this art by Jay Ryan is explained perfectly and you find yourself able to understand his world. I loved this book for its visual beauty as well as the bizarre and interesting look into his mind. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that is an art lover and even those who aren’t huge fans. This man’s pictures are brilliant.
Synopsis: The second book from the iconic Chicago underground poster artist.

Jay Ryan has been busy since the 2005 release of his book 100 Posters, 134 Squirrels (Akashic/Punk Planet Books), a collection of his favorite prints from the first decade of his work. Since the release of that book, he has honed his craftcontinuing without the use of computers, and screen-printing the work in his shop called the Bird Machine for bands such as the Melvins, the Shins, Modest Mouse, Andrew Bird, Shellac, My Morning Jacket, the Decemberists, Low, Built to Spill, Tortoise, and hundreds of others.

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