Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Book Title: "Daisy”
Author: R.B. Clague
Published By: Karabeth Publishing
Age Recommended: 10+
Reviewed By: Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating: 5


Review: I absolutely loved this book. “Daisy” reminded me of another great classic. It was “Watership Down” for cows. When Daisy and two of her friends, Bunyip and Tulip push down their fence in pursuit of the “greener grass on the other side” they meet an Alpaca that tells them some very distressing news. Soon it seems their entire world is tumbling down and Daisy makes a decision to find the land where cows are considered sacred and she and her friends will never have to worry about gracing the dinner table of humans ever again.

Thus begins the journey unlike any you have ever read. R.B. Clague writes in such a way that you almost forget the main characters are animals. I found myself completely transported and enjoyed every step of my journey with Daisy and her ever-growing volley of friends. I was taken back to my childhood when I stayed for an entire school year on my grandfather’s farm and remembered how I fell in love with the cows there and actually felt the sting of loss and betrayal when it came time for them to make their final journey. To me cows were and still are beautiful animals and even though I still enjoy a good steak from time to time, I can sympathize with Daisy and her friends and cheer them on the entire way.

A wonderful read, one so many can and will enjoy. A truly great book with many messages.

Synopsis: Who would ever believe that three cows absconding from a farm in country New South Wales could bring a father and son closer together, reunite two long-lost lovers, form a lasting friendship between completely different animal species, receive aid from a mysterious swami, and have a song dedicated to them by an internationally famous country music singer?

Who could foresee that those same three bovines could become enlightened, aware that humans actually consume cows, and in the end, capture the attention of the national media and the hearts of an entire nation as they attempt to escape to India, where cows are sacred and definitely not destined for the dinner table?

This and much more, is the occasionally hilarious, always uplifting, frequently thought-provoking, at times almost heartbreaking story of Daisy, as she, along with her friends Bunyip and Tulip set off on an amazing quest to step outside their limitations, becoming wiser and much more than others could ever expect them to be.

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