Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Book Title: "DNA: Code Flesh”
Author: Alan Dale
Published By: Self Published
Age Recommended: 17+
Reviewed By: Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating: 5


Review: A superb apocalyptic zombie novel with a new twist. It’s finally happened and zombies are all over the world making lunch meat out of humans. These decomposing humans, called Scrats by the living have practically caused the majority of the ‘still living’ to barricade themselves in the safest havens they can find only able to rely to an extent on the grace and good service of a group called the DNA or Dead Nations Army.

Most would assume it could get no worse… and they’d be wrong. Another group called the NWO a government sanctioned group, has come up with an injection that seems to render them virtually invisible to the dead, the thing is they seem to enjoy finding hapless humans and either slaughtering them or feeding them to the Scrats for sport. The two groups are of course at odds and the setting just gets more and more macabre as time goes by. I truly enjoyed this book and will wait for more from this author. If you love zombies and post-apocalyptic mayhem then you’ll definitely enjoy Alan’s book. I’d definitely recommend this as likely one of the best zombie stories of the age.

Synopsis: For years the planet was run by the New World Order, but not to its liking. After mandating the use of death row and life sentenced inmates as subjects in scientific experiments, the NWO has decided to tighten its grip through its greatest political decision. However, the experiment backfires, leaving the world in the middle of a war stuck in the middle of another war.

Two of those combatants, Bridjett and Shad Alexi, siblings, torn apart by different allegiances both work to find the common ground amidst a war that will soon grow beyond the parameters anyone would have ever imagined.

Having contaminated the "cocktail" used to keep prisoner test subjects, or SCRATS, alive, the NWO hoped to create an army purely under its command. Little did they know the "cocktail" would turn thousands of SCRATS into zombies and lead to a worldwide epidemic of undead walking the earth.

Led by Bridjett and the DNA roving army, the survivors, mostly trapped in various gated communities around the world, await the replenishment of supplies and sustainence in order to survive the constant threat of zombies on the other side of the wall.

What the DNA didn’t expect was the NWO’s need to feed the new undead army to keep them compliant. Only what they don’t know is Shad Alexi’s plans to give the people a fighting chance, even if it involves going against the NWO he fights for. Now, a war for the lives of the remaining humans on earth is waged as government and survivors, battle for the right to claim control for the lives of the people.

DNA: Code Flesh is a four-part horror novella series that culminates into a final book product for the hardcore collectors. The novella series is for those who want something digestable like flesh and quick to read while saving a few ducats. The entire Dead Nations' Army series is planned for eight total parts, with DNA: Code Mind, consisting of the final four parts.

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