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Okay, everyone. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Free PDF versions of all the books listed below for one day only – Sunday, April 9th. So, before you start on that big Easter feast, take a look at what Great Minds Think Aloud Independent Publishing has to offer for your reading pleasure. Did I mention they are free for only one day? Don’t be the egg that didn’t hatch. Add these titles to your Easter basket!
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A stroll through an old cemetery will reveal very little about the people buried there. Their headstones will whisper of father, wife or lost child----but they don't sing of the lives those men and women led. Even our national heroes are lucky to have one or two of their life's accomplishments inscribed on their markers for future generations to marvel at. Cemeteries are filled with forgotten people. They were people who had lives rich with or empty of the joys that just being alive creates for us. Once we are dead and gone, our lives quickly fade into small morsels of oral history and are slowly forgotten by family and friends as time and generations pass. What would these forgotten souls tell us if they could talk? ‘Conversations With a Dead Man’ answers some of those questions from a dead man's point of view. John Wesley Elder will share his loves, failures, accomplishments and the simple life he led with you. Spending a few hours with him will allow you to understand not only the man, but glimpse the times he lived in. You'll come to understand that although he's dead, he still has a few quirks in his personality and one or two sorrows------he's much the same as you or I. John Wesley Elder was an ordinary man who lived, loved and built a life for himself. He invites you to join him for a quiet chat or two, if you have the time he'll share events in his life that you can't find on his headstone. He'll share his life and also try to help you understand the times he lived in and introduce you to some of the people who filled his life with joy and sorrow. So set down, lean against the coolness of his head stone and just listen.
My Review of ‘Conversations With a Dead Man’:
The dead take the past with them to the grave, leaving the living with unanswered questions and a longing for more time. There is always a wish for one more day; another chance at goodbye.
   A lifetime of knowledge and history come alive for a man who no longer props up his rifle. The graveside may not be the most comfortable place to have secrets revealed, but a young gentleman finds himself drawn to one particular marker. John Wesley Elder lived his life by one motto ‘help others when you can’. He shares his tales of truth and wisdom with the young visitor, ever hopeful the tragedies and lessons of his life will not be in vain as his tale is told. And, true to his word, Mr. Elder still helps out when he can.
   Doug Lucas has again marvelled his readers. Author of The Good Servant, Mr. Lucas fascinates and intrigues with his first person narrative, Conversations With a Dead Man. The writing is enticing and fresh. The character speaks to you, drawing you in to his world of factful fiction. You are compelled to read on, unlocking secrets of the past, and perhaps learning a few things along the way. Another fantastic creation from Mr. Lucas!
Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson is the author of ‘Georgia’s Smile’, ‘Love’s Trust’, ‘Callie’s Fate’, and her most recent release – ‘Love And Liberty’.

For most of us, we have mental pictures of just what and how our favorite authors live. Their lives must be far richer and more interesting than ours, because they have the ability to engage our minds and thrill our souls with their visions of what life was, is or could be. These word smiths can hold our imaginations in a vise grip with the grace and skill they weave action, love, adventure, and science fiction genres into a whole cloth we can clad ourselves in for an hour or a life time. This magic cloth allows us to escape our own truth and absorb realities that thrill, intrigue or titillate us. At times authors can: relieve boredom, fear or want, and offer the grace of comfort to our mundane day to day existence. Most at one time or another has sought the company of our favorite author's work to do some or all of those things. Poets entice us to spend an hour On Walden's Pond, historians teach us the lessons of The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire, theologians interpret The Last Days of Christ for us, and humorist show us The Redneck Dictionary is really us as others see us. We think we know these word smiths, those tellers of tales who will join, entertain and instruct us with the turn of a page or the touch of a screen. To one degree or another, we are what we read and what we read depends on the author who engages our mind. But what would happen if a group of people found themselves in a real life web of entanglement and relied to one degree or another on their favorite author? Would those solutions rendered in print, meet their needs or fail without aiding them as they sought solutions to their own drama? Another small question might concern some of our favorite authors, would they meet our mental image of who they really are?

My Review of ‘The Man in the Mountain’:
  Tough as nails, no nonsense FBI agent, Deanna Flores, takes crap from no one, especially a man. Marcy Zimmerman, the witness Deanna has been assigned to protect, is a high priced hooker with talents that go far beyond the bedroom. Together they are on the run from vicious drug lords who want them both dead. Along the way, they find out just how deep the corruption has moved through the departments who have sworn to protect the innocent and put the guilty behind bars.
   Children’s novelist and avid writer, Simon Jorge prides himself on his skilled effectiveness when it comes to his job as a hired assassin to a major drug lord, Aiden Salvaje. His assignment – find Deanna and Marcy and eliminate their ability to speak along with anyone else who has too much knowledge on the company and its’ dealings. A cold-blooded, emotionless killer, Jorge is a patient man and never makes mistakes.
  Pitted together, it is a fight to the death for each character, bar one. He is a calm, solitary man. He lives alone in the safety of his fortress. He is the key to the story. He is – the man in the mountain.
   Sublime. Simply the best book I’ve read in months. Author, Doug Lucas keeps getting better and better. The intricate story and character detail rivals that of Mr. Tom Clancy, himself. The odd idiosyncrasies of each personality sets up a love/hate relationship in some, and gives voice to a definite cheer for the heroes to win. Action and adventure entwine with the lives of all. The pages keep turning, each chapter brings another dilemma or revelation of the psyche.
   The characters are as varied as they are eccentric. Each has their own demons to settle. Each has battles to fight before the last page is turned. The meld and flow of the writing allows the many varied personas to fully develop. When the end arrives, you are sad to see your new friends go. I have no difficulty in stating you will absolutely love this book!
Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson is the author of ‘Georgia’s Smile’, ‘Love’s Trust’, ‘Callie’s Fate’, and her most recent release – ‘Love And Liberty’ (now also available in print).


Some secrets are meant to be shared; and a boy’s encounter with England’s most legendary archer will change his life forever. In 1237, a man journeys to a priory in Yorkshire to seek refuge and treatment for battle wounds. He is betrayed and murdered. His final, dying act is to fire an arrow through a window, asking to be buried where it lands. Nearly eight hundred years later, a schoolboy’s incredible discovery will lead to a friendship that will alter his life forever. And he’ll hear some tales and secrets of England’s most legendary archer of all.
My Review of ‘The Spirit Archer’:
Inside the hearts of us all, lives a spirit longing for justice - one which traverses the plains of unfairness without fear. Jaimie Wilson found his spirit. He just didn't ever believe it would be located under a rock, deep within the forest. Nor did he believe it would turn out to be the rightful heir to the Earldom of Huntingdon, the infamous Robin Hood.

Through months of listening to the fair rock "speak", Jaimie questions his sanity as he learns more about the giver to the poor, as well as himself. Failing in his studies and about to lose his home, Jaimie finds out first hand just how unjust life can be. It is the greed of the few that leads to the suffering of the many. Will his hours of tutorage from the great Earl be enough to give Jaimie the courage he needs to change his future?

Author, Mike Evers enlightens his readers with a fantastic tale of Robin Hood combined with modern day life. His characters are alive and warm, begging you to join them in their merry ride. As you read, you will find yourself deep within the Earl's grasp as he takes you along on his adventures of yore. Don't worry, he will bring you back to the safety of your chair in due time. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Evers.

Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson is the author of `Georgia's Smile', `Love's Trust', `Callie's Fate', and her most recent release - `Love And Liberty' (now also available in print)
“Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom (Sugarland)” by Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson & Emily Ann Vinson -
When Emily goes to sleep at night, her dreams take her into an Enchanted Kingdom. She is transformed into Queen Emily, the ruler of the land. Her most beloved friend and favorite bedtime stuffy, comes alive and together, they solve the mystery of the candy covered Kingdom. In the process, Queen Emily learns an important lesson about what can happen when you eat too many treats!
This review is from: Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom (Sugarland) (Kindle Edition)
Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom: Sugarland
By Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson, Illustrated by Emily Ann Vinson

This little jewel is an imaginative creative colorful creation. The best part is this was written and the pictures were created by a mother and daughter team from Canada. It is a sweet short tale about a dream the little girl has and it has a valuable message in the words.

In today's times the countries and the masses need more fairy tale stories like these because as the years pass and parents are more worry about taking care of their families with working more hours and less quality time with their children, every lesson learn is a future investment in our children's health and well-being.
This author and her daughter are on the right track in creating adorable tales using life lessons to entertain the whole family. As a mother I wished there were more books like these out there years ago. This team touches upon a subject we all need to think about in an unique style.

"Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson is a freelance writer, e-book author and blogger. She is the blog author of the Best Day Ever series, which will soon be published in print and e-book format. The Queen Emily series is based on her daughter and is a joint venture with Emily using her talents to draw most of the illustrations for this book. Lee-Ann is a member of the International Women's Writing Guild and the Canadian Romance Authors Network. She lives in Vancouver, Canada."

As a reader I would store these author's books in my library and share with my children and grandchildren, over and over again. In these busy times we need reminders and to spend more quality time with our children and these books are the tools to teach and learn lessons and how to read in a fun way.


Historical fiction has a foundation of truth but that truth is often shrouded in fiction. Some claim that only time and distance can separate the two. We have all lived through events that have shocked or changed our nation. The assassination of Martin Luther King, or John and Robert Kennedy, men traveling into space, and landing on the moon, and of course the bombing of the World Trade Center; these are just a few examples that have occurred in my life time. These are the pivotal events that surround us I and others think we know all of the important facts. But do we remember? Ask yourself or a friend what date any of these events happened on, see if you or they can give the exact date or even some of the facts surrounding any of these or other major past events of your lifetime. Americans are noted for their short memories, we invented the term "Attention Deficit Disorder" to describe it. We immerse ourselves in an event for a short time span, then quickly lay the event aside and move to the next. If those events didn't or don't affect us directly----they are quickly forgotten. 23 October 1983 is one of those forgotten events. One of those events where we felt we knew all the facts and then it was quickly forgotten. I ask one simple question---"Do you really know all of the facts?" There are hundreds of these events, forgotten by all but those who lived them. I invite you to read "Forgotten", separate the history from the fiction. Another term to remember would be "Plausible Deniability", facts that did happen are handled in a manner that allows them to be denied by those who caused them to happen. Separating plausible deniability from fiction can be almost impossible. At times this is by design of those who use the term. When you've finished reading this "Historical Fiction", ask yourself if you have forgotten. You must decide, what is fact, what is fiction, and what could be plausible deniability shrouding truth.

My Review of ‘Forgotten’:
   Good men give their all. They are husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. They do it for their country. They do it for their families. They do it because they are ‘The Few and The Proud’. They are Marines.
   What do good men do when their government sets them up as target practice in an unwanted peacekeeping mission? What do they do when they are kept from performing their trained duties? What do good Marines do when the political hands that bind cause the deaths of hundreds of their brothers? For a few American Marines, the covert mission is more than a simple act of getting even. The operation is an act of duty and honor to fallen men.
   As is the American way, even well kept secrets leak out. Politics rears its ugly head, denying any form of retribution or violent acts on a people who would just as soon see all of America destroyed. The Warriors know better. Their strike will be fast and deadly. Is it enough? Will America mourn once again?
   Author, Doug Lucas writes a masterpiece of military intrigue. His hypothesis on political control over military actions is astute and frightening. The story encompasses all facets of military strife. The characters capture your mind, daring you to walk a mile in their shoes and refusing nothing less than complete involvement in their cause. You willingly surrender your mind and live the life of those who protect us, those who will not be Forgotten. I admire an author who can write with such depth and emotion. I am one reader who will certainly never forget.
Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson is the author of ‘Georgia’s Smile’, ‘Love’s Trust’, ‘Callie’s Fate’, ‘Love And Liberty’ (now also available in print), and her most recent release ‘Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom – Sugarland’, a children’s picture book series available in kindle and print versions.

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