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Hi Kitty. Thanks so much for having me on Great Minds Think Aloud today. I love the site and am so happy to be here. Having just launched my debut novel, Perpetual Light, I thought I’d talk about how I developed the characters.

I always find it interesting how writers develop characters, concepts and plots. I’ve heard a number of writers talk about how people they know were the inspiration for certain characters. That doesn’t typically happen to me.

I’m absolutely certain my characters each have traits of people I know or have met, but none of them is really like any one person in particular. They all seem to evolve from the total stranger stage to the intimate confidant or friend or adversary, never just materializing as Bob, the mailman. I’ve met each one and been surprised by the things I’ve learned.

Lucia DiComano, my heroine was actually the second character to come to me. Vittorio, the hero was not even the first. Strangely, the first character to fully materialize was a secondary character, Alexander. I remember the moment very vividly.

I was at the mall with my mother around Christmastime. Shoppers bustled by us as we sat at a café table having a cold drink. We were situated near the escalators so the constant movement and cacophony of voices made for a feeling of chaos.

That’s when I envisioned Alexander standing off to the side near one of the stores, watching someone as if he was following her. He had an intimidating presence, tall with long, dark hair and a beard and mustache. But somehow he managed to stay hidden in the crowd, which was when I realized he was a vampire.

An entire scene of him following a woman, who turned out to be Lucia, into the parking garage played out very quickly. He influences her to leave the mall. She enters the garage, is promptly accosted by the villain, Samuel, and then Alexander comes to her rescue.

I couldn’t wait to get home and write all the detail of this scene. I did lots of editing, tried to swap out Alexander for Vittorio, which was futile because clearly it was Alexander in the mall and my characters were pretty settled on that.

In the end, that scene didn’t even make it into the book but it set the stage for my story. The next scene I wrote was the Christmas party.

For quite a while I wondered why Alexander came to me first. Why was he guarding Lucia? Where in the world was Vittorio? The answer didn’t come to me right away, but took many drafts and edits before I was able to weed through details and misleading information. Alexander and Lucia have a connection from several lives before, one that will play out in the books to come.
When I think about this concept, I get very excited and nervous. I don’t plot. I’ve never been comfortable plotting a story. It feels confining and sends me running from writing the actual story. I’m a pantser. I like to sit down and let my characters tell me what happens.

I have a fairly good idea of what happened in the lifetime when Lucia and Alexander and Elizabeth knew each other. Elizabeth is Alexander’s wife and she created him into a vampire. I’m just not entirely sure how it played out. I’m itching to know and afraid Lucia might slay them both in book two or will they interfere with her relationship with Vittorio?

I don’t know. I just know the waiting is driving me nuts! Are there characters from stories you’ve loved who’ve left an impression and had you wondering what happens to them days or weeks after reading the book?


Fate is cruel. Especially when the one you’ve sworn to love for all eternity, the very soul who changed your destiny is the last person you should trust.

After more than three hundred years of running, Lucia Dicomano must make a choice.

Forced to take her place as a Pharo of Redemption, the divine slayer needs to master her forgotten powers. Lucia turns to Vittorio, the one vampire she’s failed to deliver from eternal damnation. But overcoming smoldering remnants of love, lust and anger aren’t their only obstacles.

Samuel, who may know Lucia better than she knows herself, hunts her with a fervor stoked by a thousand years of vengeful hatred. His plan—capture and enslave the weakened Pharo then take control of her elusive power.

Can Lucia trust Vittorio long enough to reclaim her powers? Or will she have no choice but to kill him and battle Samuel alone?



After trying her hand at many, many things- from crafting and art classes to cooking and sewing classes to running her own handbag business, Jordan finally figured out how to channel her creativity. With an active imagination and a little encouragement from her husband she sat down and began to write, each night clicking away at the keys with her black Labrador, Dino curled up under the desk.

A few short years later she’s entered the publishing arena with no plans to ever turn back.

Jordan’s a member of Rhode Island Romance Writers, as well as RWA National, and the New England (NEC), Connecticut, and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal (FFnP) Chapters.

Her first book, Perpetual Light, is available on Amazon’s Kindle from Crescent Moon Press.

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