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About Kathryn Meyer Griffith...2012 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS NOMINEE for her romantic horror novel
The Last Vampire-Revised Author’s Edition

Since childhood I’ve always been an artist and worked as a graphic designer in the corporate world and for newspapers for twenty-three years before I quit to write full time. I began writing novels at 21 and have had fourteen (nine romantic horror, one historical romance, one romantic suspense, one romantic time travel and two murder mysteries) previous novels and eight short stories published from Zebra Books, Leisure Books, Avalon Books, The Wild Rose Press, Damnation Books and Eternal Press.

I’ve been married to Russell for thirty-three years; have a son, James, and two grandchildren, Joshua and Caitlyn, and I live in a small quaint town in Illinois called Columbia, which is right across the JB Bridge from St. Louis, Mo. We have two quirky cats, ghost cat Sasha and live cat Cleo, and the four of us live happily in an old house in the heart of town. Though I’ve been an artist, and a folk singer in my youth with my brother Jim, writing has always been my greatest passion, my butterfly stage, and I’ll probably write stories until the day I die.

Novels and short stories from Kathryn Meyer Griffith:
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Vampire Blood (Zebra, 1991; Damnation Books Author’s Revised Edition, 2011)

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The Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal Fiction: Volume 1 (I did the Introduction)

My Websites: (to see all my book trailers with original music by my singer/songwriter brother JS Meyer)

E-mail me at I love to hear from my readers. ***

My books (most out again from Damnation Books and Eternal Press): Evil Stalks the Night, The Heart of the Rose, Blood Forge, Vampire Blood, The Last Vampire, Witches, The Nameless One short story, The Calling, Scraps of Paper, All Things Slip Away, Egyptian Heart, Winter's Journey, The Ice Bridge, Don't Look Back, Agnes novella, In This House short story, BEFORE THE END: A Time of Demons, The Woman in Crimson, The Guide to Writing Paranormal Fiction: Volume 1 (I did the Introduction) ***

Egyptian Heart by Kathryn Meyer Griffith PG romantic time travel
Eternal Press buy link: $6.95 My self-made YOU TUBE VIDEO at: Hope you like it. Thank you, author Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Digital ISBN: 978-1-61572-443-7
Print ISBN: 978-1-61572-444-4
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Time Travel
Novel of 75992 words 186 pages
Heat rating: 1
Edited by Kim Richards-Gilchrist
Cover Artwork by Dawné Dominique
Print ISBN: 9781615724444
Egyptian Heart, an ancient Egyptian time travel romance from Eternal Press

Maggie Owen is a beautiful, spirited Egyptologist…but lonely. Even being in Egypt on a grant from the college she teaches at to search for an undiscovered necropolis she’s certain lies below the sands beyond the pyramids of Gizah doesn’t give her the happiness she’d hoped it would. There has always been and is something missing. Love.

Then her workmen uncover Ramose Nakh-Min’s ancient tomb and an amulet from his sarcophagus hurls her back to 1340 B.C – where she falls hopelessly in love with the man she was destined to be with, noble Ramose, who faithfully serves the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaton and his queen Nefertiti.

She’s fallen into perilous times with civil war threatening Egypt. She’s been mistaken for one of Ramose’s runaway slaves and with her blond hair, jinn green eyes and fair skin she doesn’t fit in. Some say she’s magical and evil. Ramose’s favorite, Makere, attempts to kill her.

The people, angry the pharaoh Akhenaton has set his queen Nefertiti aside and he’s forced them to worship his god, Aton (instead of their many Egyptian gods), are rising up against him.
Maggie’s caught in the middle of it in a dangerous land and time she doesn’t belong in.

In the end, desperately in love with Ramose, will she find a way to stay alive and with him in ancient Egypt–and to make a difference in his world and history?

Because Maggie has finally found love. ***

Egyptian Heart, an ancient Egyptian time travel romance from Eternal Press


I quit keying in words, got up and gazed through the open tent flap into the night. I thought I’d heard something or someone outside the tent. I was in my pink nightgown and robe that modestly covered everything but was made of silk edged in white and blue lace. I’d worked all day in the tomb and, exhausted, was going to get some sleep and be up at dawn to go at it again.

Yet I lingered and listened to the whispering outside on the wind, the compelling words in my my heart, urging me to listen to what they said: come to the tomb. Come to the tomb...right now!

Dizzy for a moment, I blinked and found myself in the tomb, standing beside Ramose’s sarcophagus. Someone had lit a lantern. At least there was light.

“How did I get in here?” I rubbed my eyes and shook my head. “I must be dreaming, that’s it. But this is so real.” I squeezed my eyes shut. Maybe if I kept them closed long enough I’d wake up.

But, eyes shut or not, I could feel I was still in the tomb. I could smell the dirt, the dust and the mold. I could feel the slight heat from the burning of the lantern.

Opening my eyes, I was alone and, yes, in the tomb. The workmen who hadn’t run off were asleep out on the desert in their tents. My trembling fingers brushed across the golden engraving on the sarcophagus. By the length of the coffin I believed the mummy must have been a tall man for his time. I’d only been able to decode a small part of the surface inscriptions so far and I’d been eagerly anticipating being able to finally lift the massive lid and see what we’d find underneath.

No matter the mystery of how I’d gotten into the tomb in the middle of the night without remembering it— perhaps I’d sleepwalked. I had been working awfully hard the last few days. Exhaustion could do funny things to a mind. I had to get back to my tent. I wasn’t dressed to meet people and sleep was what I needed...look...I was hallucinating. Grabbing a lantern, I turned to leave as shadows danced on the stone walls. Murmurs and rustlings drifted on the stale air and as I moved I glimpsed an object, a link or two of shiny silver I’d not seen before, sparkling on the lower base of the catafalque. Curiosity got the best of me.

I stooped down, reached out and pulled at the fragment of chain and a miniature compartment at the base of the sarcophagus was revealed. With my fingernails I pried open the tiny drawer and yanked its contents out into the light probably for the first time in thousands of years.

It was almost an identical match to the amulet hanging around my neck. The one Sayed had given me weeks ago. In the lamplight, I compared the two necklaces and they were the same. Almost. A luminescence had begun to emanate from the sarcophagus’s necklace. It was glowing.

I didn’t have time to think about why the scarab had turned into a lightning bug before I heard someone move behind me. I swung around, the shimmering amulet in my hands.

“Jehan, what are you doing here?” I was startled and couldn’t hide it. He’d disappeared weeks ago and no one had seen him since. Now he just appears out of nowhere?

“Miss Owen,” the thin man in the blue robes greeted me, moving closer. “What are you doing here alone in the middle of the night?” His eyes glistened in the lantern’s pale illumination and he was out of breath as if he’d been running.

“I was just going back to my tent.” I didn’t feel I had to explain anything. I had to leave and get away from him. Those ferret eyes of his and that knowing smile made me uneasy and I pulled my robe tighter around myself.

“You found it.” He was looking at the necklace in my hand with a greedy expression.

Then I knew what he’d wanted all along, why he’d hired on at the dig and why he’d been shadowing me.

“Found what?” I played dumb as my hand closed around the necklace. Whatever I had in my hand, I realized, was unique, special and priceless. And Jehan wanted it badly. I inched towards the entrance.

Jehan moved along with me and cornered me in.

I remembered what Sayed had confided about Jehan. He has much magic but he wants more. I didn’t have any magic, didn’t believe in magic and I was tired of playing games. I only wanted to return to my nice private tent and get some sleep. “What do you really want, Jehan?”

“What you have in your hand...and the special talents you have.”
“What are you talking about? What talents?” I glared at him. My look must have unsettled him a little because he stepped back, but never took his eyes off me.

He seemed surprised. “You really don’t know, do you?”

“Know what?”

He sighed as if he didn’t believe me. “You possess great power and you do not even know it.” His voice was a husky rasp as his fingers reached out, stopping inches from my arm as if he were afraid to touch me. “Haven’t you felt the difference since you came here... to Egypt? She releases it. Feeds on it. Do you not feel it?” His eyes bore into mine. Trying to hypnotize me. Fat chance.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But, in a way, I did. Egypt had done something to me. There was something happening. I just didn’t know what it was yet.

“Ramose,” Jehan went on, gesturing at the stone coffin, has been dust and worms for thousands of years, but what you are exists now. You, special one, with your fair skin and hair...those magical eyes...own powers that coupled with mine, would make us almost indestructible.”

“I’m not interested.”

“You should be. There are things in this world you cannot comprehend trying to harm you and events that will happen that you cannot stop. Come with me, be with me and I will teach you, protect you.”

“No.” All I had to do was look in Jehan’s eyes and I knew him for what he really was. He was ruthless, selfish and cruel. There was no way I would ever join forces with a man such as he.

Besides, I had the feeling he was hiding something from me. That he meant me harm.

My palm where I clutched the antique amulet was beginning to burn. I glanced down and the radiance, stronger than ever, was seeping out between my fingers and growing brighter.

Jehan’s ravenous eyes were on what I had in my hand and I knew it was the amulet that he coveted beyond anything. I wasn’t going to let him have it, not until I learned its secrets. I didn’t trust him and my mistrust served me well.

I was prepared when he threw himself at me and tried to take the amulet. We fell to the ground and wrestled for it. Feeling the scarab between my fingers I raked it down along his face. He cried out and pushed me violently away from him. There were scratches and blood on his left cheek and anger in his eyes.

He tried to snatch the amulet again and I shoved him with my feet, using a self-defense move I’d been taught in my karate classes; he stumbled away from me across the chamber landing against the wall in a murky corner.

And that’s when it happened.

I’d unintentionally put my hand up to my neck, the two amulets touched and a light filled the dark tomb, blocking out everything else for a moment. I shut my eyes and the world spun. It was a good thing I was already on the floor.

When I opened my eyes again, Jehan was gone. The tomb was gone. My first surge of relief that I’d escaped the full confrontation turned slowly into confusion at my new predicament.

I was alone out in the middle of the night desert under a huge, shining moon, sitting in the cool sand.

There’d been no moon tonight that I could recall.

There was nothing in my hand and the necklace I wore pulsated brightly around my neck as the other one had been doing. Then the incandescence faded and the scarab grew dark. The thought that the two necklaces had merged together occurred to me and was as quickly dismissed. Solid objects didn’t merge into other objects. But I didn’t have time to fret about it because I had other problems.
I rose to my feet and slowly twirled in a circle. Where was I?

The distant pyramids were silhouetted against the moon, but there was nothing else around me. No tents. No people. No dusty SUVs. There weren’t the far off lights of Cairo on the horizon or the lights of the communities that usually nestled up along the base of the pyramids. Lights I had always been able to see from our camp.
At night the desert could get cold and I was shivering in my silk nightgown and robe as the wind pulled and pushed at me, my loose hair blowing. I didn’t have a lantern but was grateful for the moonlight and wondered why I felt so strange. Why did even the air around me smell and taste differently—and why was there a full moon when there should have been no moon?

Then I heard the distant voices of people, many people, flowing on the night breeze. And they didn’t sound happy. They were screaming and shouting. Horses nickered and metal clashed against metal.
Not knowing what else to do, I headed towards the commotion through the moonlight, my arms snug around my shivering body. I kept looking for our tents. For anything that would tell me I was where I should have been. The more time went by the more fearful I was becoming. All I could think of was to keep moving and walking.
Maybe this was a nightmare and I’d wake up soon.***

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