Monday, April 16, 2012


Book Title: "Wolf Storm"
Author: Dee Garretson
Published By: Harper / Harper Collins
Age Recommended: 8 +
Reviewed By: Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating: 5


Review: I adore Dee Garettson, and will definitely seek out other novels of hers to read and share with my daughter. “Wolf Storm” is a perfect adventure for children age 8-12 years. Even as an adult I found myself completely enthralled and unable to put this book down.

The story is about three children hired to act in a movie that takes place in the snowy, icy lands of the Carpathian Mountains. When the adults head into town for dinner the night after a shoot, leaving the children alone with a cook that cannot speak English and the elderly actor Cecil, who is rumored to be bad luck on movie sets, the true adventure begins.

This tale is heroic, adventurous, exciting, and intriguing; a true delight for all ages and I highly recommend it! Please do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this one!

Synopsis: This is Stefan’s big break. He’s on location in the mountains far from home for his first movie role, filming a blockbuster sci-fi adventure. The props, the spaceships, and the trained wolves on set should add up to a dream job, but acting turns out to be much tougher than he ever imagined, and he feels like his inner loser is all that’s showing through. From the way his famously stuck-up co-star, Raine, treats him, he’s pretty sure she thinks so too. And worst of all, no one will believe his claim that there are wild wolves haunting the forest around the set. When a blizzard strikes, isolating the young co-stars and bringing hungry feral wolves into the open, Stefan must take on his biggest role yet—working together with his co-stars to survive. With no second takes, they only have one chance to get it right.


Dee Garretson takes suspense and danger to new heights with her thrilling tale of friendship and survival against all odds.

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