Friday, May 25, 2012



My name is London Knight; I am the author of the Unpleasant nightmares line of new teen horror books.
Like any author I always dreamed of someday walking in to a barns and nobles and seeing my book on the shelves. 

But 1st I needed to find a publisher, so I set out to fiend one, and I must say, it was not easy, I cannot tell you how many times I got turned down, I think I lost count after the 60 something. 

But something inside just would not let me give up, so I kept going, in 2010 I got picked up by Old line publishing. At 1st I thought the fight was over. Little did I know that it had just started?

My publisher told me that an author needs to work harder than any one other, and boy was he right…..
I began to call every barns and nobles around and set up signings. And soon I was getting booked. But that was not the end of the fight. Now I needed to take it to a whole new level. I needed to get my books out there. A year I had once again found me work being turned down for movies and TV. And damn near gave up thinking that. The book stores where the end. But once again something inside of me would not let me give up. I spent the next 4 months looking up anyone and everyone I could to try to get them to look at my books.

I even came up with a great opener, “move over gooses’ bumps there is a new line of teen horror in town.”

Yet still no bits. It was time to call the fight over and just when I thought I was done. I tried one more person. 
And on 5/17/2012. I had got the call; they loved it, and wanted to take Night walkers to movie. I wanted to cry but was in shook and had no idea on just how to act.
It took 2 years of a long hard fight but I made it. 

I know that in your journey as an author there will be times you just want to give up. But do not let your dream fade away it is hard work. And some days it fills like you are running in to nothing but brick walls. Do not try to go through them, just simply go around them.

Do not Give up …….. The only way you can fall is if you give up……. Do not let the world change you. You change the world. 

All my love to my Author family. See you on the movie side of life. 

London Knight, 

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