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Sometimes characters have something to say. Today, Jack Callaghan is talking to interviewer, Kym Roberts, and giving a little insight to Lola Cruz from Bare-Naked Lola, the latest Lola Cruz Mystery.

You can read an interview with Manny Camacho here

And now, without further ado, here’s Jack Callaghan:

An interview with Jack Callaghan

Jack Callaghan sits at table in the back of Abuelita’s, the Cruz family restaurant. It’s quaint and cozy, with colorful Mexican art decorating the walls. Jack’s at a table, and across the room, the patriarchs of the family hold court in a booth, the red Naugahyde chairs lending a classic punch to the d├ęcor.

“I appreciate your time, Mr. Callaghan,” I say, sliding into the chair opposite him, a little taken aback by how much he resembles the actor Timothy Olyphant. Easy on the eyes, with a little rugged edge that’s pretty appealing.

He closes his laptop and folds his arms on the table in front of him. “I heard you talked to Camacho.”

Oh, crap. I hope he’s more open to this interview than Manny had been to his.

“It was a rare interview,” I say. I’d spent thirty smoldering minutes with Manny Camacho a few days ago, and I was still reeling from the experience. Manny was dark and mysterious, where Jack oozed sex appeal and charisma. I always thought I preferred Manny, but now, sitting across from Jack, I wasn’t so sure.

His smoky gray blue eyes are mesmerizing, and I can’t look away. Could hardly blink.

“Equal time,” Jack says. “Seems like the least I can do since you’re so interested in Lola Cruz’s world.”

That I was. Manny and I had similar background in police work, but he couldn’t let go of the whole cops and robbers gig and opened Camacho and Associates. And Dolores “Lola” Cruz had chosen his world of private eyes. That was interesting, but now, after having spoken with Manny, and meeting Jack, I was just as curious about who she’d end up with.

“Why don’t you start by telling me, in your own words, about Lola?” I ask.

The corner of his mouth quirks up in a mischievous little grin, a dimple carving into his cheek. Sexy.

“I’ve known her since we were kids, but she was always Antonio’s little sister. Off limits, if you know what I mean. She had a crush on me, but I kept my distance. Not easy, let me tell you. There’s something special about her. She’s all woman, but she’s a spitfire and gives a man a run for his money.”

“I’m not sure what that means.” I start to fear the worst for Lola. Would Jack ask her to give up her career in the name of love? 

“She’s a black belt in kung fu, knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it, but she’s the sexiest woman I’ve ever known.”

A frown slips across my face. I like that he seems to love Lola’s strength and commitment, but feel a little disloyal because I’m committed to Manny. I tried to get to the truth. Or what I think is the truth. “Isn’t it true that you don’t like Lola’s job? That you’d rather her be a teacher or waitress, or something?”

He scoffs. “Lola? A waitress?”

“She works here on the side, doesn’t she?”

“Only because it’s a family restaurant. Serving food isn’t fulfilling for her. She likes to be in the thick of the action, using her brains and her brawn.” He chuckles. “And working with kids all day, every day?” He shakes his head. “Can’t see it.”

My esteem for him goes up a notch. He isn’t one of those kinda guys who can’t handle a woman in a man’s world. Maybe. “What about the danger?” I ask.

He grows silent for a minute, then levels his smoldering eyes at me. “Do I want the future mother of my children risking her life for her job? Hell, no. But would I ever stop her from doing what she loves?” He shakes his head. “Never.”

Damn. If I had to choose between Manny and Jack, I wasn’t sure I could. “I hear she likes to salsa dance.”

A seductive look slips onto his face, like he’s lost in a memory. “Oh yeah, she can dance.”

I can almost picture them together, his arms wrapped around her, possessively, their bodies fitted together, their hips swaying in rhythm to the Latin beat of the music in my head.

But suddenly it’s not Lola in his arms, but me. I gulp down my guilt. Sorry, Manny, but Jack is… Jack.

“What about her new case? Undercover as a professional basketball dancer, and then a nudist resort? That must be tough for you to take.”

His Adam’s apple slides up and down in his throat as he swallows, but he says, “She had a killer to catch.”

“She’s a spitfire, or so I hear.” I hadn’t met Lola yet, but it’s what I’d heard about her. It was still to be determined if it was really true. 

“She does what it takes,” he says, and that little grin graces his face again, and I know he has it bad.

Interview by Kym Roberts



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