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Writing tends to be a solitary act. Although I don’t mind sitting in front of my computer for hours trying to put the right words on the right page, it can be difficult if I’m completely lacking inspiration. For me different forces fuel my desire to write depending on the story and my mood.

When I was knee deep in revisions for my latest novel, Second Chances, I found myself watching and re-watching certain episodes of the television show Castle. This season the main characters have been dancing around their attraction to each other, resulting in major frustration for the hero, Rick Castle. In almost every episode he quietly expresses his feelings for Kate, the heroine, through small thoughtful gestures. Unfortunately, every step forward seems to lead to a large step backwards for him.

As I was writing Luke, the hero in Second Chances, I realized he was undergoing a similar journey. He was the one that was open to love. He was the one willing to put himself out there. He was the one trying to earn the trust of a cautious woman. Thankfully I was able to deliver a happily ever after in my story, which I’m hoping the writers on Castle will deliver next season.

Right now I’m working on restructuring my current novel, The Only Exception. Normally my office is quiet, with the only noise being the birds outside my window. For this story I’ve been listening to “I’ll Stand By You” by the Pretenders almost every day. It’s really helping me nail the emotions of the main couple as they struggle to stand by each other when outside obstacles threaten their relationship. That’s the only song I play though. If my kids turn on Maroon 5 in the living room, I have to close the door to my office so I’m not distracted.

On those days when nothing seems to help with my writing I’ll sneak off to the public library. The atmosphere of people quietly reading or typing on their laptops usually kicks my creativity back into gear.

Finally if I hit a huge stumbling block I step away from the computer for a day or two and read nonstop on my Kindle. What could be more inspiring than Nora Roberts or Kristan Higgins?

Brief Bio:

Rita Oberlies grew up in the Boston area, the youngest in a family of six children. At an early age she developed an addiction to books, baseball and the beaches of Cape Cod.

After graduating from Villanova University with a degree in English, Rita spent almost a decade pursuing a professional career in Employee Development. With the arrival of two children, Rita began writing stories during those brief periods of time when her young sons were sleeping.

Today Rita resides in Western New York with her husband, their young boys, and a pair of adopted shelter dogs. Despite her best efforts, she remains addicted to books, baseball and the beaches of Cape Cod. Her novel, Second Chances, is her third published book.

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