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I was lucky enough to meet up with the infamous Jasper Howard, CEO of Howard Enterprises, also knows as the Vampire Vigilante, in Italy the other evening. So I cornered him and forced him to answer some questions for me :-)

Me: Jasper! How lovely to see you again.

Jasper: Faye! How wonderful. What are you doing here?

Me: Carrying out some research for a story about Rome. I heard you were in Italy but I didn’t believe I’d be lucky enough to find you.

Jasper: Oh, I’m never far away from you, sweetheart. How have you been?

Me: I’m fine, thanks. I have so many questions to ask you, it’s difficult to know where to start. In London, you used to go out onto the streets at night to feed on murderers and rapists. Do you still do that now?

Jasper: No, I don’t. I’ve been clean for a year now. While I still believe ridding the world of such scum wasn’t exactly a bad thing, I do know that drinking from such evil people was doing something detrimental to my blood.

Me: So how do you get rid of the bloodlust, if you don’t feed?

Jasper: Oh, there are ways.

Me: Like…

Jasper: Well, pig’s blood and Vitamin D, for a start. That satisfies the craving for blood. But only one thing satisfies the craving to feed. 

Me: And that is…

Jasper. Sex.

Me: Oh. I see.

Jasper: My dear Ms. Robertson, I do believe you are blushing.

Me: You always did know how to embarrass me. Some of the things you insisted on getting up to in that novella…

Jasper: That was Amabel’s fault. She’s a terrible influence.

Me: She’s a nun, Jasper. The epitome of godliness and purity. Well she was, until you caught up with her.

Jasper: What can I say? I couldn’t resist that black and white outfit, and those large, beautiful…

Me: Jasper!

Jasper: Eyes, Faye. She has the most beautiful eyes. And you have a very dirty mind.

Me: Something about you corrupts the brain when you’re around.

Jasper: That’s not the first time I’ve heard that.

Me: So where is Amabel?

Jasper: She nipped off to Vatican City. She wanted to go to confession. I think she may be there a while.

Me: You’re such a naughty boy.

Jasper: Meh.

Me: Keep in touch, eh? 

Jasper: Sure thing. You only have to call, sweetheart, and I’ll come running.

Me: Don’t tempt me.

So there you have it. The inimitable Jasper, hot and sexy as ever. Catch up with his exploits and find out what happened when he met the feisty nun, Amabel, in Bloodlust, an Ever After story from Entangled Publishing.

Faye x

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