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GMTA INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING: Presents the following titles coming out this month! Please be sure and get your copies and stay tuned for information on free days on Amazon for all of the titles listed. We have some amazing books coming out this month and definitely don't want you to miss out! 

A great teacher is a rock jutting from and sometimes engulfed by an ocean filled with the rip tides of passion, ineptitude, arrogance and ignorance. They are protruding spikes of granite which cannot be eroded easily. These are the teachers who make every effort against tremendous odds to polish young minds into the building blocks of society.

Great teachers are awe inspiring in their efforts to create excellence and their influence is powerful, extending beyond even their own lifetimes.
A fortunate few of us have had exceptional teachers who gifted our lives with knowledge as they challenged us and created a need to meet the potential of what we might achieve. These individuals changed the way we thought, possibly sent us down a career path or simply gave us a passion for learning. A passion which will move forward with us for all of our lives. 

All of us have encountered educators.

More than a few of these educators started out to become teachers, only to be crushed at some point in their career. Those individuals have lost the desire to teach. Once this desire was destroyed, they ceased to care about anything but themselves and their retirement. 

A number of these educators can and should be faulted for their effort to instruct their students. There are more than a few teachers who've simply been beaten into submission by the very system they drove themselves to become part of. 

Most of those teachers who've been destroyed by our education system, toiled under the constraints of weak administrators. Administrators who care more about the system and the political realities of their own success, than education. For this type of administrator the people on the front lines of education and the children they strive to entice, excite or simply drag kicking and screaming into an academic environment are of little or no consequence.
This type of administrator creates educators out of gifted teachers. In the process, they destroy the gifts and fervor for knowledge that could have been passed to future generations.

I invite you to wander through the very foundations of our education system and spend a few hours with a few truly great teachers. When you finish I'd ask you to answer one very simple question, "Would I be a great teacher or end up an educator?"

Grum the groblin has been thrown out of his home by his two brothers and has to prove he is brave or he won't be allowed back. Grum decides the best way to do this is to find a human and take it back home. Along the way he meets Burly, a mellow kind of bear, who takes him under his paw and together they go to town!

Burlington Bear, Grum the groblin and Max are best friends. Burly and Grum show Max a Secret City in the middle of the forest but hunters are tracking them down. They knock out Burly, capture Max and want to turn the Secret City into a tourist attraction. Throw in some big cats, Grum's mother and brothers, Mike the Angel, a deer and a few ducks and the day becomes very exciting!

It’s Burly’s birthday and he’s decided that he would like to have a lazy day on the beach. Little does he know, however, that a bank robber called Gruel the groblin is close by trying to hide some stolen gold! Hot on Gruel’s heels are Detective Finn, his daughter Tara and the mean and nasty toolkit Gang. Add a crab with attitude and Burly has more than his fair share of birthday surprises!

Uncle Toby had said that there would be castles to explore, with ghosts and things. This helps to cheer up the glum twelve-year old Lovell twins, Tom and Mary, leaving their schools and loving parents to be evacuated to wild Northumbria during World War II.

Then the adventure begins. They live with their Aunt Victoria and Uncle Leslie, meet the loveable ‘Mrs M’, a strange dog called ‘Scamp’ and, worst, the terrible private tutor, Miss Urquart, from whom they run away to find a mysterious castle seen through an old telescope.

Now they are drawn into bizarre supernatural events of a time-warp between the war itself and ancient warfare. They encounter dark forces, as the story twists and turns, and are even rescued by the Royal Navy. Yet, this is only the beginning of more unexpected tragedies before the twins begin to escape from it all.

In a heartwarming and touching poetry collection poet-author Gideon Cecil demonstrates the essence of love; that is real between a man and a woman, and is even greater with God’s love for man. This book is a magnificent compilation of romantic poems that deftly uses the language of love to fascinate the mind, excite the heart, and incite the soul.

With a myriad of topics that speak of sexual love, beauty of nature, God’s love,faith,philosophy, life, romance everyday activities,events,terrorism,politics,and so much more; readers will find this a mesmerizing poetic journey. His unique literary style and writing prowess reminds readers of Shakespeare,Tagore,Dante and Gibran. Cecil’s humor, emotional depth and sophistication make his verses and words even more captivating.

When Norse god Týr suspects his friend Thor is cheating in the phenomenal board game ‘Campaign of the Gods’ he takes matters into his own hands and searches out the only being in Asgard who can help solve his problem.
 But things are not what they seem…
 And once the forces of Hel are unleashed, only legendary Viking berserker Ivar Ragnarsson and his men can possibly save the day. 
 They just have to work out when in history they are first - and why are the local townspeople so strange?

Seventeen-year-old Talisa Santiago is the granddaughter of a shaman and going between two different worldly dimensions is something she realizes she is destined to do; however, what she doesn’t count on is what fate has in store for her. After surviving the first hurricane of the season on the island where she lives, Talisa learns her life is in grave danger. She must retreat immediately to live with a secretive clan of Indians on a remote reservation deep within the Great Smokey Mountains. Her blood brothers, three shifters who have the desires of both man and animal surround her, promising everlasting friendship and protection. However, the majestic mountains hold many secrets and danger lurks in the night. As Talisa falls prey to the evil tricksters that want her dead, she unleashed an untamed passion that may get them all killed.   

Nikki finds herself in a world between realms, the Bardo, and time is running out. Soon her essence will be scattered forever. Can she pull herself together?
Bardo , based loosely on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, follows Nikki, a young schoolgirl who has an.... unfortunate accident and finds herself trapped in the Bardo. It won’t be long before she'll be scattered across the realms. With only a dog to guide her, can she re-unite herself in time to escape?
Fun, fast and humorous, Bardo asks questions about some deep issues, including who we really are, the nature of life and death and why schools insist on students wearing school uniforms when there are much more fashionable options available.

“Follow that dream.” Take a few moments to read poems meant to seek refuge from the harsh realities of life, from pain, confusion and loneliness. Allow these poems to take you on a journey of wherever your imagination may lead you. The poems in this book share coming-of-age struggles and the fantasies created in order to offer a temporary escape from the real world.

Five-hundred years have past since the Great War between Man and Elf ripped the world asunder, leaving in its wake hatred and mistrust. Now, the Dark Knight has stolen the Sword of Truth, an ancient weapon made by the Gods. With it, he has sealed the door to heaven, leaving the Gods trapped and helpless, and will use its power to reshape creation.
The best hope for the world is a boy named Gewey Stedding, the only being ever born from the union of two Gods. Only he has the power to battle the coming darkness. And though he is God, he bound to earth and was raised human. Ignorant to his own abilities and origins, it will take the aid of all his friends and allies to help him overcome the deadly perils that lay ahead.

She came home to settle her great grandmothers affairs and figure out her own life. Finding out that her grandmother left her everything including magic powers she forgot to unbind before her death. Anna finds someone to love amidst the war against the woman that was supposed to love her and her twin sister. The mother goddess helps her gain her magic. Can Anna stop her mother before her mother stops her?

When a homeless girl named Rielle, and her unusual dog Pud are drawn into a forgotten and untamed forest of green and gold, they become hopelessly lost in a wild landscape. Here they meet an enigmatic unicorn who charms Rielle with his cryptic ways. Soon Rielle and Pud find themselves locked into an adventure of soulseeking, friendship, mystery and truth that is both disarming and sometimes sinister. In a world shrouded by hidden motives and brave daring, Rielle is challenged beyond her dreams.

In an unwitting and fortuitous moment, a formidable and ancient enchantment is broken. Rielle and Pud find themselves embroiled with the glorious unicorn herd once again, but this time they must reclaim a stolen legacy from an evil which threatens to destroy Wish and the outside world. How will they ensure that the sinister darkness that corrupts Wish is thwarted? And what of the sad stranger who cannot shake a past the stalks him like a tragic shadow?

When a quest of honour seems all but lost, will evil claim its prize? As the mighty warrior unicorns race with stealth to stop the darkness which has stalked Wish throughout time, Rielle and Pud are also swept into the turmoil of events. Joined by the timeless singing oracles and the First Ones to thwart a long injustice, can they count on each other, and a flawed hero, to claim a rightful destiny?

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