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Traffic Lights and Possums: The Inspiration Behind Flight of Blue

I was driving home one day, about to cross an intersection with a new traffic light close to my house. Fortunately, I wasn't in a hurry, and I didn't start up right away when the light turned green because just as I took my foot off the brake, a car blew through the light like it wasn't even there.

Shaken, I continued home, passing a possum on the side of the road that had been hit by a car. Angered by the carelessness of drivers, especially as I'd had my then infant son in the car with me, I got out to see if I could help the poor creature. He was beyond help, but with his dying breath, he told me of an Opossum sorcerer, a cursed traffic light, and a rip in the fabric of the world. Of course, after that I had to investigate and record the story I discovered.

And most of that is true. ;-)

I live in a semi-rural spot outside Nashville, and possums are most often the kind of animal I see lying on the sides of the road, and between the possum and the light, the story was born as I drove home thinking of all that I had seen.

I'm what some writers call a pantser, at least at this point in my writing career, so I started the story with Kai and Ellie, Sebastian and Reginald, and the idea that Kai and Ellie find an Opossum sorcerer and take him him home, discovering along the way that he cursed a light and they need to help him reverse the curse. (I'm also the queen of long sentences... half my editing is spent going back and breaking things up).

It was only as I followed the kids and Reginald through the woods on that last normal Friday, eavesdropping on their conversations, that I realized Reginald's desire for revenge had opened up something much darker than any of them ever dreamed possible. I found myself wandering through the three Realms, eyes wide, taking in a far bigger world than I realized had existed in the beginning. It was also around the same time that a small bird with brilliant blue wings, or perhaps it was just a bright blue finch, flew out of the grass, landing on a clothesline as a I drove by, and Serina landed in the story, bringing the title of the book with her.

Soon after that, I discovered what had happened to Kai's parents, but of course, I couldn't tell Kai and Ellie in the middle of all they were doing, so I had to keep it to myself. But after investigating their disappearance as Kai and Ellie tried to get Reginald home safely, I discovered there was much more to the story, and the second and third books of the Keeper of the Keys Chronicles began to form in my mind.

Increasing difficulties and fulfillment of prophecy: Upcoming Installments for the Keeper of the Keys Chronicles

Flight of Blue is the first of three books in the Keeper of the Keys Chronicles. The next one will be out in 2013, or that’s the plan right now anyway. I’ve not revealed the title of the second book to many yet, but I’ll share it with you. It can be our little secret ;-) (Shhhh!).

The second book is called The Guardians. Since I’m giving away secrets today, I’ll share with you the working synopsis I have for this book at the moment.
Kai Williams has discovered all the Guardians including his parents have been lured inside time bubbles where minutes tick by so slowly, they don’t realize they are trapped. While trying to find a way to free them, Kai is stalked by a mysterious figure called the Dream Walker who attacks Kai while he’s sleeping and is bent on getting an object--a small skeleton key--away from him. Keeping the Dream Walker at bay, Kai goes to his friends for help. Together they find pieces that lead them on a quest for the secret cabinet  of the ancient sorceress Belladonna and the powerful object she hid away before her disappearance, an object that will break the time bubbles and release the Guardians. Pursued by Name Monsters who have teamed up to fight them, will Kai and his friends be able to outwit the forces arrayed against them and free the Guardians? And will Kai be victorious in the war being waged for his mind while he dreams?

The third book will have to remain more of a mystery. It does have a title, but I’m not ready to release that yet. Suffice it to say at this point, Kai will find out the real meaning of the prophecy of the Lucinarium and what exactly his role is in the events foretold. At this point, I aim to have book three out in 2014, but again, no specifics are available just yet.

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  1. The second one really sounds interesting, so now I really can't wait to read the first one and get into this series!