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I want to start off my thanking Kitty Bullard for having me occupy her blog for just a moment.
I’m an RN by education, and although I liked the nursing field I have a passion for writing. My ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. There’s a wealth of characters just waiting to be put into someone’s book, and hopefully not in a creepy way, but in a unique, exceptional way.
The characters in the Hellandback book, Jon, Trisha, Brittany and Chris are all very real individuals. Jon is my husband’s and my eldest son and is brilliant. He attended MIT in Cambridge and received a major and a minor. Trisha is my niece and attended Texas A&M as did Brittany who is a friend of Jon’s. Chris is our son, and the only one who is still attending college. He’s a junior at TCU. He’s the funny one of the family, and diagnosed with ADHD. I took the good, the bad and the ugly of their personalities, and then added a great big splash of adventure and travel and voila the Hellandback Kids: Be Careful What You Wish For became an award winning book.
The Characters in my Redwine Hill series were just tucked away in my brain, and came out when I started writing. I try to write about regular kids who end up in controversial circumstances that are out of their control, but learn something along the way. What the characters learn isn’t always obvious until the end of the book. Some lessons are subtle, but the majority are mind blowing realizations that the characters couldn’t have made on their own.
I’ll have to admit that Science Fiction is a great genre to write for because there aren’t a lot of rules to follow.
My Historical/Romance/Fiction novel is a bit more challenging. Trying to get the historical accuracy takes some research, but more importantly you can’t use any brain teaser that just popped into your head. There has to be some believable qualities to the characters and the events. No matter how tempting it would be to put in a way-out-weird character I try and stay within the norm. There’s no future dystopian societies in my Historical/Romance/Fiction. I put on the brakes and calm things down for my novel The Passionate Wartime Servant.
I love writing but there never seems to be enough hours in a day to get everything done that I need to do and write. So, sadly, it takes me longer than I’d like to get my books finished. I’m thrilled when I read a good review on one of my books. It just makes my day.
I want to thank Kitty for giving me a place to rest my thoughts.

Laura Helland/Stolmeier

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