Monday, October 8, 2012


Burly and Grum are going trick or treating this year for the very first time and to celebrate they are giving away a set of their books to the person who can guess what Grum will be dressed as. Just drop them an email or leave a message on their Facebook page and tell them what you think! 
Entries have to be in by Friday, 19 October

*Please note that if there is more than one winning entry then a name will be selected randomly.

And just to let you know that as soon as the competition is over  everyone will discover who Grum dresses up as because a FREE Halloween short story will be made available! 
Yes, we love celebrating Halloween here at Burly & Grum!

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  1. Hi Kitty - I've already had some entries and I have to say some of them are very funny, but no one's got the right answer yet! I'm looking forward to reading lots more :) KateX