Thursday, October 18, 2012


Knock knock -- Boo's there?

Need a little boo in your boogie this season? Ghost hunting isn't for the faint of heart but sharpening your deductive reasoning and research skills will help you find out if it's a frisky raccoon in the garbage can outside or something more... interesting.

Getting your paranormal groove on requires training yourself to look for signs we may otherwise overlook. Some signs of a haunting are: feelings of being watched, shadows out of the corner of your eye, cold (or hot) spots, knocking, footsteps, smells and sounds that are outside the norm such as roses in December or carriage wheels on a cobbled street when you live next to a highway. Many of these phenomena fall into the category of a residual haunting but how can you tell the difference between that and something that is more festive?

Residual haunting: Basically a time loop, residual hauntings reflect a memory that you've stepped in and gotten a bit on your shoe such as footsteps that regularly walk the halls at night, or a vision of someone from the past that doesn't show awareness that you've arrived. They don't try to communicate with you because they've pulled an Elvis -- they left the building long ago.

Intelligent haunting: Films love this shtick. A small percentage of ghosts try to interact with the living, and usually not well. They're the socially awkward beings of the otherworld and end up scaring the people they're trying to chat with. Whispers, cold spots, and apparitions are intelligent hauntings and while not always successful, they're at least trying to make an effort.

Tips on doing your own investigation:

• Be prepared before you head out for the night. Your basic kit may include: flashlights, logbook/pen, digital voice recorder, watch, camera/video, and always bring your ID.
• Always obtain permission from the landowner/homeowner before an investigation.
• In your logbook, record: place/time/weather conditions/whom you’re with/what you saw and what time it took place
• Try your hand at electronic voice phenomena (EVP)! A quick and easy way to see if a ghost is trying to get your attention; EVPs may be done in any area that you suspect has activity.
o Once recording, speak your name, where you are, and the time into the recorder.
o Start asking questions, leaving a pause between each one for a response.
o Play back the recording before you leave the room in case the spirit world is trying to give you a high five.

Good luck, have fun and check twice under your bed at night. Those dust bunnies sound funny.

Stacey Graham is the author of the Girls’ Ghost Hunting Guide [], the Zombie Tarot and multiple short stories. She is currently writing a book about true haunted objects; if you have a story you’d like to share and possibly be in the book, please contact her at stacey.i.graham[at] Please visit her website at, on twitter at @staceyigraham and on Facebook at

“The Girls’ Ghost Hunting Guide” Synopsis

What was that noise? The cat? The wind?
Little brother stealing a peek at your diary?
Or is it a ghost?

The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide will help you identify the creepy crawlers from the spooky spirits, the howling winds fromt he haunting phantoms. And with this guide you can learn from real experts how to investigate and contact your very own ghosts!

Everything a girl needs for a night full of fun, including:

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So gather your friends if they are brave enough, grab a flashlight, and go investigate!

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