Monday, November 5, 2012


TITLE: "Being Santa Clause"
AUTHOR: Sal Lizard
PUBLISHER: Gotham Books
AGES: 14+

REVIEW:  We see it every year; the men dressed in bright red suits on the street corners, in department stores with children on their knees and even having their pictures taken with the family pets.  But there is always the truth behind the facade that most of these men have nothing on their minds but the money they can make by playing one of history's most iconic legends for a couple months a year. 

For Sal Lizard it is completely different. In the book, "Being Santa Claus," it wasn't Sal that made the decision to don the crimson hat and coat but the hand that fate dealt him. Sal Lizard, a South Carolina native, has not merely played the role of Santa for several years, but instead he has become Santa to all those that know him and even some that do not. After reading this sweet, amazing, and heart-warming book I have realized there has never been another man that could have embraced and embodied the whimsical legend any better. 

Reading Sal's many stories of his beginnings and exploits as Santa is one of the best books to put you in the Christmas spirit that has ever been written. Sal Lizard, literally lives every day of the year as Santa, for those of us that get the warm, fuzzy feeling at that special time of year and think to ourselves, how much we wish it could go on forever... well that is exactly what this amazing man has achieved.

I wholeheartedly commend him on what he does for so many both young and old and I hope he receives the good fortune of the immortality that goes with it. 

Keep doing what you do Sal and keep the true spirit of Christmas alive forever.

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