Monday, November 19, 2012

"Drawing Blood" (GMTA Review)

Title: Drawing Blood
Author(s): Richard Finney & Franklin Guerrero
Publisher: Lono Publishing
Age: 17+
Rating: 4.5

Review:  This novel reminded me somewhat of the movie "Daybreakers" a great combination of good versus evil and the best part? The vampires were not romanticized or painted to be damned souls we should feel sorry for. In a world where vampires have suddenly become icons for romance this was a refreshing change of pace. The most heart-breaking part was the story concept between Ian one of the prisoners of the vampires and his long lost brother Matt that has been changed into a bloodsucker. 

The 'goons' as they were so often called, actually humans that had given themselves over to the service of the vampires to save their own lives were actually just as scary as the vampires. They had been so de-humanized by greed and power that there was no trace of compassion left in them. 

The story was amazing and had me on edge the whole time. This is another great creation by both of these authors. I highly recommend the read!

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