Monday, November 19, 2012

Shakespeare Vs. Lovecraft (GMTA Review)

Title: Shakespeare Vs. Lovecraft
Author(s): William Shakespeare, H.P. Lovecraft & D.R. O'Brien
Publisher: Obiedan Publications
Ages: 17+
Rating: 5

Review: I have long been a Shakespeare & Lovecraft fan and this book has made my dream come true! D.R. O'Brien has a supreme talent that cannot be denied. Over the years I have heard so many people say they have a hard time reading either of these authors because they can't understand the way they write.  In this book that's not a problem. D.R. O'Brien marries the two so well and flawlessly as to create a story you will not believe could ever have been possible. 

I highly recommend this mix of Shakespeare's most memorable characters with Lovecraft's most amazing monsters. A truly great read especially for fans of both writers and new potential fans of D.R. O'Brien.

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