Tuesday, November 6, 2012


TITLE: "The Box of Daughter"
AUTHOR: Katherine Mayfield
PUBLISHER: The Essential Word Press
AGES: 17 +

REVIEW: Every now and then we come across a book that hits so close to home it's astounding. This was the one for me. As I read Katherine's recounting of being a little girl and being expected to be exactly the way her mother wanted her to be no matter what I began to recall my own childhood and it amazed me how much like Katherine's it truly was. 

I grew up with a mother that was zealously religious, everything I did was wrong, and I could never please her. My mother also had serious mental issues that were never diagnosed or treated. There were even some of the things in this book that Katherine's mother did to her and said to her that were synonymous with my own memories and I felt horrified that someone could have lived the same life I did. 

Before long though I began to feel a kinship with the author and in the realization that I had not been the only one to go through this made me love the book and the story all the more. I somehow felt as though I had been able to get my own story out without ever having lifted a pen or pressing a key. 

Thank you Katherine for this story and for what it means to those that may have lived much the same life we did... in 'the box of daughter.'

This is most certainly a healing and spiritually enlightening book, one everyone should read. 

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