Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"FIREFLIES" BY P.S. BARTLETT (Highlighted in the Washington Times!)

Check out "Fireflies" by P.S. Bartlett! Listed in the Washington Times!


Go check out this amazing article in the Washington Times highlighting Independent Publishers, Authors, and our very own "Fireflies" by P.S. Bartlett!

Dr. Owen Whelan and his wife Sarah have seven bright and expressive children. However, one of them is very unique; he’s been followed since birth by lost souls. However peculiar Ennis Whelan has been for the first six years of his life, not until the day he found the bird did the degree of his strangeness become so tangible. When Ennis also reveals the gift of sight, he questions his father about visions of his past, including his voyage to America in 1844. Owen prayed he’d never have to share those tragic memories but he will share them, when he realizes he has no choice. Ennis’ life depends on it.


  • Title: Fireflies
  • Author: P.S. Bartlett
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Length: 292 pages
  • Release Date: April 2013
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615754284
  • Imprint: Mythos Press

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What people are saying...

"As I read this novel I found myself being transported into a time far away, yet very comfortable as I was drawn into the family Whelan. As a first time novelist, Ms. Bartlett seems to have a gift and I will look forward to more novels written by her as it can only get better with experience."
- J. Gantt