Monday, April 14, 2014

New Release from Zengothenian Temple Press! "Falling: A Spirits & Shards Novel" by A.J. Hawkins

Wednesday, April 16th the new release from one of GMTA's newest authors will finally be available! 


Stay tuned for more information including links on where to buy this amazing new Epic Fantasy Saga from Zengothenian Temple Press!

More information can be found at the book link below or read the synopsis here:

They say love heals all wounds, but what if the path to that love was the very cause of those wounds? 

So it is with Jerin Endersul. Despite the love he found in Juli, their union has left him isolated and impoverished, and every time a potential solution appears on the horizon, life throws another obstacle in the way. 

Living with Julianos Tenzalin meant getting a job closer to their new home, and all that was left in the desolate town of Sendura was the module plant, where an accident necessitated Jerin to undergo drastic surgery that left his dreams in tatters. 

Just as he allowed himself to believe he may be improving, the crippling headaches that once blighted Jerin’s existence make a very unwelcome return. His consultant offers him a solution in the form of a new wonder-drug, PSI-626, that has the most bizarre side-effects, allowing him a glimpse into the secret life of the partner he now rarely sees.


Adrian (Ade) Hawkins lives in Norwich, England, with his loving, ever-patient partner and two beastilicious moggies. 

He discovered a talent for storytelling in high school, despite not getting an English GCSE. He realised he had a yearning to write while drawing cartoon robots in art class, spending most of his time pondering the story behind them. 

After getting stuck on a story idea for several years, he wrote a trilogy of screenplays called “Dark Nemesis.” They were mostly bad but punctuated by surprisingly good bits. He then spent 12 years being overwhelmed by his own ambition and spent far too long faffing about with conceptual ideas before finally coming up with an idea for a novella that then became a novel. 

His favourite authors include Douglas Adams, JRR Tolkien, GRR Martin, Terry Pratchett, Ian Fleming and Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. He should also watch less movies and read more books.


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