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LitPick's Six Minutes with an Author Presents: Reece Bridger!

Reece Bridger 
Reece Bridger is a firm believer in not letting the little things hold you back; conquering both his young age and his Aspergers, he wrote ‘The Perfect Mortals’ as a firm first step in the direction of his dreams. With another nineteen books already planned and no foreseeable social life, he has a lot of work ahead of him. In his downtime, he dabbles in voice acting and the bass guitar. He’s also not very good at writing short descriptions of himself.


Today LitPick is joined by the youngest author to take part in Six Minutes with an Author, Reece Bridger. At the age of 19, Reece is a published author.  His first book is The Perfect Mortals, the first installment of the Buan Trilogy. The second book in the trilogy, Company of Heroes, has just been released. Reece also dabbles as an amateur voice actor, a bassist, and is hoping to start production on his first audio series in the coming months.
How did you get started writing?
I’ve always been writing in some form throughout my life. When I was young, I tried to write my own Faraway Tree story. When I was around 11, I tried to write a young adult crime novel. Needless to say, none of them worked out. It was only when I was a little older, around 13, and started writing serious fantasy that I had any luck letting the words flow.
Who influenced you?
Originally, I was influenced a lot by Tolkien’s books, some elements of Harry Potter, and about every single fairy tale fantasy cliché I knew. I’m talking wizards in purple robes with gold stars and moons on them, the Fountain of Youth, a queen of dragons who lived in clouds, a mountain that was actually a volcano, things like that. It was only after I started rewriting the story into the Buan trilogy that I actually decided to completely change the story altogether and go in another direction. I took influence from writers like Ben Galley, Mark Lawrence, and Kristin Cashore, and when I say ‘influence,’ I mean some of the underlying concepts like hating the main character but loving him all the same, the power of one’s dark side, and the ever-raging battle between a person’s morals and their responsibilities. Some elements of the original story still snuck their way into the new version, though.
Do you have a favorite book/subject/character/setting?
Speaking generally, I think my favourite book is probably ‘Prince of Thorns’ by Mark Lawrence. Fantasy settings, like mythical or magical Arthurian era have always intrigued me, though modern fantasy settings and punk genres are just as interesting.
What advice do you have for someone who wants to be an author?
Never give up writing, no matter what anyone says. There are three paths you can go down in life: a job, a career, or a calling. A job will satisfy your needs, a career may help you satisfy a few of your wants, but your calling is what will get you out of bed to do what you love to do. Follow your calling.
Where is your favorite place to write?
Probably on my bed or at my desk; if I ever venture out into the big, wide world to write, my only requisites are some good music, a Diet Coke, and maybe something chocolatey. Then, I can write as if I was still at home.
What else would you like to tell us?
A lot of people have doubted me when it comes to my writing. They’ve said I’ve been too young, or that my autism would hold me back. They’ve said that writing isn’t a reliable career path and that I’ll never make a living out of it. While that last one is still very possible, the first two are total bull. My age is not a barrier, but a hurdle that I can use to challenge myself to exceed my own expectations. And my autism… My Aspergers is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just as much a gift as it is a curse. In fact… No, it’s not a curse at all. It’s a gift with conditions. It’s the big flat screen TV that takes up about 50% of the room so you don’t have any space for the glass cabinet or the decorative lamp. I may not have the same glass cabinets or decorative lamps in my head that everyone else has, but I have one helluva TV up there!

Reece, this has been a wonderful, inspiring interview! Thank you so much for spending six minutes with LitPick!


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