Saturday, February 14, 2015


When Mistigo and her dark magic emerge during postdiluvian days, neither her aunt Imma or others in their Canaanite village can measure her abilities. They cannot fathom that Mistigo’s power is strong enough to reach into the twenty-first century to influence her direct descendant, Michaela Cross.

As Mistigo grows, Imma harbors secret fears about her half human niece. Ancient days pass. Michaela is born and grows into an adopted, modern day child being raised in rural Kentucky. The little girl discovers her own magical abilities at six years old. They develop in strength and power as she matures into a woman.

Soon after Michaela embarks on a quest to determine her true identity, she is kidnapped. While in captivity, she discovers that not only is her father a Satanist, but he intends to assist with the birth of the Anti-Christ and he expects Michaela to support his cause.

During the apartheid era a group of individuals from different racial segments met to discuss ways of expanding their business into all areas of the country. They worked together and used economies of scale to obtain a competitive advantage over their competitors in the various group areas. Their association went unnoticed until one of their members was caught at an illegal gathering and information was leaked that he was funding freedom fighters. With the intelligence agency suddenly interested in them the group begins to crumble as Paul obtains a wanted status for his affiliation with the terrorists. 

Ever dreamed of joining a rock band, getting rich, getting famous, and seeing the world through a private jet plane’s window?

Ladies and Gentleman: Adam Wolf and the Cook Brothers – A Tale of Sex, Drugs, and Rock&Roll is your personal invitation to tune in, turn on, and drop out as you ride the tour bus through the night and into the next town with Paul, Ronnie, Adam and Mark.

Paul is old school rock ‘n’ roll but he knows a hit song when he hears one. When he gets a demo from a St. Louis metal band, he is not impressed until he hears a track unlike all the others. He may have to make a deal with the devil to find the kid for his last chance ticket to rock glory.

Ronnie is a brutal, delusional alcoholic and prescription fiend. In spite of his amazing technical guitar style, he has no talent. He can never be an original like Adam. For vengeance, Ronnie will follow a dark path of violence and destruction to the bitter end.

Adam is a musical prodigy. He simply hears music in his mind while the notes naturally come through his guitar. Young and utterly na├»ve, music will change his life but his regret is a wound that will never heal. Mark couldn’t play a piano if it had only one key, but he doesn’t need to. Unlike Ronnie and Adam, Mark is hoping he can find the balance between his brothers though a musical bridge connecting them all forever. Paul, Ronnie, Adam, and Mark all have one thing in common – they would rather die than give up on their rock ‘n’ roll dreams. Walking down this wicked, twisted road each man will realize one important thing – this music can save them all.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Adam Wolf and the Cook Brothers – A Tale of Sex, Drugs, and Rock&Roll will leave your ears ringing long after you’ve read it for the first time!

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