Monday, April 27, 2015

NEW RELEASE>>>>> "14th Century Love and Havoc" by Sarahi Hannah Estephani (Sly Fox/Ravenswood Publishing)

14th Century Love and Havoc

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What happens when your life mission is to conquer the demons out to destroy you? We all must face each personal demon and defeat the creature or it gets stronger with each failure. The Spirit Silke reveals her mission in the 14th Century as Alanna da Firenze Sarengotti. She reveals how demons will put restrictions with tragedies. While Alanna life predictions are given, can her paranormal life overpower the Demon, Knodi?
Grand-Momma grabbed her head before catching her balance and then continued predicting my destiny.
“O fie— O God’s blood… thine heaven from above, saith it is naht so… O, ugh, O please heed my monition that danger do prevail to conquer litel Alanna. A demon, he be strong, thou moste seek a safe place for her at all tymes. This vile tormentor will be far worse than any seven-headed serpent dragon with hot burning flames that spews fire for breath.”
Tears continued rolling down Grand-Momma’s face.

“I do accept mia figlia’s bambino as la mia famiglia. May God bless thee with thine Hooly presence at all hours of thy days and thereafter?” Will she discover who, what, when, or how Knodi appear? Can Alanna conquer Knodi before it is too late?


  • Title: 14th Century Love and Havoc
  • Author: Sarahi Hanna Estephani
  • Genre: Historical/Contemporary Romance
  • Length: 422 pages
  • Release Date: June 5, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-1511711036
  • Imprint: Sly Fox

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