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"The Legacy of Mistigo" begins the Legacy of Author Gayle Parr (Ravenswood Publishing)

Local writer publishes novel,
“The Legacy of Mistigo”

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In a small town like Brandenburg, Kentucky, things may seem average. It is not a particularly big town; the pace is typically slow and steady, and a normal day may not seem particularly exciting to the run-of-the-mill passerby. It is true, Brandenburg is a far cry from places like New York, or Chicago. But for the person that perceives Meade County as boring, they need only to take a closer look at the heart of this community; the people.  

Within this small community, lies countless extraordinary people. People who work hard, people who do the right things, and people who care about others. In recent years however, a new niche has shown itself to be flourishing in the area; the artist. From fashion designers, to tattoo artists, to musicians, to actresses, Meade County has gained notoriety for having something in the water that is producing artists. Newly established among these now is a published writer: Gayle Parr. In February, Parr published her first novel, “The Legacy of Mistigo” through the Ravenswood publishing group. 

Parr is not a native of Kentucky, but has committed herself to the Meade County community for 25 years. She was born in Champaign, Illinois, and as a young woman moved around Illinois before settling in Chicago, Illinois for several years. This is where she met her husband, who was a Kentucky native. After a long discussion, they decided to visit Kentucky, to see if she would consider living here. During the very first visit, she fell in love with the state, and the Meade County area in particular, and soon after they moved to Brandenburg. 

When asked what drew Parr to writing, she felt as though it was something she had always wanted to do. “I think some people are just born writers, there really wasn’t one thing in particular.” Parr stated that since the 90’s, she knew she had wanted to get into writing professionally, but had a busy schedule that kept her from really being able to put a lot of time into her work.  When asked how long “The Legacy of Mistigo” took Parr to write, her busy schedule was reflected. “As far as writing it, I worked on it for probably two years from start to finish. I work full time; I have a husband, five children, nine grandchildren, and another one on the way. Trying to fit in writing is tough with so much going on.” 

The theme of the novel, according to the back blurb, is about a lineage, from biblical times to the present. “When Mistigo and her dark magic emerge during postdiluvian days, neither her aunt Imma or others in their Canaanite village can measure her abilities. They cannot fathom that Mistigo’s power is strong enough to reach into the twenty-first century to influence her direct descendant, Michaela Cross. As Mistigo grows, Imma harbors secret fears about her half human niece. Ancient days pass. Michaela is born and grows into an adopted, modern day child being raised in rural Kentucky. The little girl discovers her own magical abilities at six years old. Soon, as Michaela embarks on a quest to determine her true identity, she is kidnapped.”

Parr expressed that the influence for this type of writing came from her interest in the bible, and yearning to research things that may not be well documented. “The Nephilim are first referenced in Genesis, and they were the offspring of male angels and human women.” Parr stated. “I was curious as to why, when growing up in church, these creatures were never addressed, and as I began my research, I became convinced that Nephilim have had a much more significant influence on the human race than I ever might have thought.” While the book certainly has a strong biblical influence, because of the background and the subject matter readers who enjoy fantasy and fiction may also find great interest in this novel as well.

The most difficult part for Parr in the entire process was, without a doubt, publishing. “The process was difficult, and lengthy. It took me three years to get this published. I first approached about 100 agents to no avail. Next I made a list, and began approaching small publishers.” Parr recollected. “It is very hard to get published. You almost have to have had something published before.” Parr was very pleased with the publisher she landed in the end. “I am very happy with my publisher. If the opportunity presented itself, I would definitely publish another book with RAVENSWOOD.”

The best advice she could give aspiring writers is to not give up, and understand that the publishing phase is going to be the hardest part of writing professionally. Getting her book published took around three years, and Parr went through a large number of publishing groups before finally finding the right fit. When asked if Parr has any events lined up, she stated that since the book just came out in Mid-February, she has not had the chance to do too much in the way of book signing and promotions. “I have been signing a lot of books for people in the community,” She stated.
“The Legacy of Mistigo” is widely available online at Amazon (and Kindle), Barnes and Noble, Joseph Beth, Ebay, as well as many other book sites. For more information on Gayle Parr, as well as the book, you can visit her Facebook page at 

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