Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Out of Time: The Merlin Chronicles (Final Installment)" by Daniel Diehl (Out Now from Chimera / Ravenswood Publishing) Get Your Copy Today!

Out of Time: The Merlin Chronicles (Book Three)

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This is bloody awesome !! I was gripped from the
start and can't wait for MORE. ~ Orchard Book club (UK)

Merlin the Magician, Jason Carpenter and Beverley
McCullough return in the gripping conclusion to
The Merlin Chronicles trilogy. Catapulted back
and forth through time and space the trio are
forced to confront their arch-nemesis, the spectacularly
evil Morgana le Fay, yet again, after embarking
on a spectacular quest to save Merlin’s homeland,
the ancient kingdom of the Britons, and no less
than King Arthur himself. ‘Out of Time’ is in the
finest tradition of urban fantasy, classic wizard
fantasy and Arthurian legend all rolled into one.
Don’t miss it.

Daniel Diehl has created an adventurous blend
of Arthurian legend, biblical prophecy, classic wizard fantasy and contemporary urban fantasy. ~ SpecFic Daily


  • Title: Out of Time: The Merlin Chronicles (Book Three)
  • Author: Daniel Diehl
  • Genre: Epic Fantasy Saga
  • Length: 328 pages
  • Release Date: April 1, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-1508614685
  • Imprint: Chimera

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