Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Author David Lawrence-Young's Visit to NC!

That's right! I finally had an author of mine visit me and he came all the way from Jerusalem to North Carolina.  Of course, he had another agenda that brought him through my fine state as well. He had been invited to speak at Whitwell Middle School in Whitwell, Tennessee about his novel "Six Million Accusers: Catching of Adolf Eichman" the students welcomed him warmly as did the teacher and the school as a whole.

The back story to his visit is quite interesting and an amazing coincidence as the students had learned in 2005 about the millions of Jewish people persecuted, condemned and murdered by Hitler during World War I & II. A few teachers and staff members decided to have the students collect 6 million paperclips to represent how many people were lost during this grave time in history. The students went to every place they could think of to collect the paperclips, finally calling upon celebrities and many others to help. They ended up getting well over the allotted amount and authorities in Germany actually had a boxcar used to transport the Jewish people during the War to the Concentration Camps sent to the school to put the paperclips in.

The school then commenced to create a memorial that stands in the school yard today as a reminder of the many souls lost during that time.  More pictures soon to come, but for now we hope you enjoy the pictures taken on David's visit here in NC!

Here are a few articles about the school's memorial: 

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