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Hello everyone,

It has been almost 12 years for Ravenswood Publishing and we are getting ready to start a new round of book tours from some amazingly talented authors. I have refreshed my blog, given it a makeover and we're going to get started soon.

All tours will be posted under the 'CURRENT VIRTUAL TOURS' tab. Please go to this tab or click the link in this post to see what is new at Ravenswood Publishing and feel free to email us at: ravenswood.virtual.tours@gmail.com to let us know if you are interested in hosting a tour for a specific book or author listed on our blog.

Our first new tour will be starting on June 17, 2019 and will be running a full year from that date. We believe in giving our esteemed hosts the ability to have as long as needed to schedule a tour stop on their platform and also to give them time to read and review the book if they so choose.

We do not demand a book review. Hosting can be done in various ways. A host can choose to reviewinterview, do a pre-prepared guest post, or do a simple spotlight consisting of basic information about the author, their book, and where readers can purchase a copy. We also offer giveaways for the hosts audiences.

We will also be running 5 free days at the beginning of each tour via Amazon so the book can be obtained for free at the beginning of the tour.

All pertinent information will be sent to the hosts via email and we make it extremely easy for them to set up the posts as we know all too well how hectic their schedules can be.

If you are interested in our tours and would like more information, you can also email me at the same email address as above. Just address your email to 'Kitty Honeycutt.'

Thank you in advance! We look forward to having you host our most amazing authors!

Kitty D. Honeycutt (Ravenswood Publishing)

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